Rules for Student Behavior:
    1.   Respect: Respect teachers, students, and school property.
    2.   Restraint: Control yourself at all times.
    3.   Responsibility: Complete all home and school assignments.
    4.   Ready: Come to school prepared with ALL necessary school tools
     Possible Rewards for Good Behavior:
    • getting a good behavior note home on Fridays
    • getting treats (pencil, eraser, sticker, 5 point coupons, etc.)
     Possible Consequences:
    • silent lunch
    • lose recess
    • note home
    • office visit
    • time out (in another room and/or from participating in special class/school events)

    This will be marked daily on your child's behavior sheet. The behavior sheet will be sent home each day in your child's homework folder to be signed

    Let's do our best!

        Severe Clause:

    Fighting, stealing, profanity, disrespect, and lewd acts

    will not be tolerated. Students will be sent directly

    to the office if such actions oc