• Class Rules and Consequences



    During the first days (and weeks) of school, the following rules were consistently explained and reviewed.  The rules will continue to be reviewed from time to time throughout the school year. 


    1.    Think!


    2.    Listen Carefully!


    3.    Follow Directions!


    4.    Show Respect!



    The consequences for disobeying a rule or otherwise disrupting the classroom is for a child to move his/her clip according to the school-wide behavior plan.  As a part of this plan, appropriate behavior may be rewarded by having a child move his/her clip up the “color ladder”:


    Blue        Top of the Chart – Best day ever!!

    Pink        Role Model

    Purple     Making Good Choices

    Green      Ready to Learn (start here every day)

    Yellow     Think About It

    Orange    Slow Down (You’re getting in trouble)

    Red         Contact Home/Office


    Moving down the “color ladders” results in consequences:  yellow – warning; orange – teacher’s choice of 5 minutes additional silent lunch or 5 minutes loss of recess; red – parent contact and/or office referral (based on severity of misbehavior), as well as the loss of 10 minutes of recess or silent lunch.  Severe misbehaviors that present a danger to the student or to others will result in an immediate referral to the office.