CHS Athletic Hall of Fame Guidelines

  • Crescent High School Athletic Hall of Fame


    Guidelines for Nomination and Selection of the

    Crescent High School Hall of Fame




    The name of this organization shall be the Crescent High School Athletic Hall of

    Fame (hereinafter referred to as the “Hall of Fame”), a program under the jurisdiction of the Athletic Department of Crescent High School.




    The Hall of Fame is organized as a way of maintaining the rich heritage and tradition of the successful athletic programs at Crescent/New Deal High School.  In addition, it will serve as a means of recognizing, preserving, and honoring the athletes, teams, coaches, and individuals who made significant contributions to these athletic programs.


    Composition of Hall of Fame Committee


    The Hall of Fame shall be governed by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee and shall consist of seven (7) members:


    • The Athletic Director

    • A current District Three Coach

    • A Representative of the District Three Administration

    • A former District Three Coach

    • Three (3) appointees (appointed by the Athletic Director)


    Consensus would be needed for all decisions. If consensus cannot be reached, then a vote would be taken that would require a majority vote of 67% of those in attendance. A quorum shall be present in order for any business to be transacted. A quorum shall be 67% of the committee. The annual voting of the Selection Committee shall remain confidential. Prior publicity concerning nominees is not appropriate. The Selection Committee shall release to the press pertinent information concerning the inductees.



    Criteria for Selecting Nominees


    Individuals may be nominated representing three categories. The categories are included on the nomination form to provide a quick understanding of the primary area(s) of a nominated athlete, coach or athletic administrator. The groupings are for screening purposes to assist those making the nominations in understanding the type of information required.


    1.) ATHLETE: Any person who distinguished himself/herself in the field of athletics while a student at Crescent/New Deal High School. Criteria considerations should include: All-State recognition, Shrine Bowl members, All-American recognition, Pro selection, outstanding college accomplishments and/or outstanding high school accomplishments. Nominees must have been graduated from Crescent/New Deal High School for six (6) years. (Unusual/Exceptional circumstances may be considered.)


    2.) COACH OR ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATOR: Any Crescent/New Deal High School coach or athletic administrator who coached or served as an athletic administrator at Crescent/New Deal High School for a minimum of five (5) years, have 20 years of coaching experience or out of coaching for five (5) years and who made significant contributions to the athletic program at Crescent/New Deal High School.





    Size of Induction Classes


    With the exception of the inaugural class, the class of inductees shall not number more than four per year. After selection to the Hall of Fame, the new members will be inducted the following year at a ceremony held during the football/basketball season.

    Each Honoree will be presented a Hall of Fame Plaque during the induction ceremony. A duplicate plaque will be placed in the Hall of Fame Wall.

    There will be a luncheon before the induction ceremony at Crescent High School to get acquainted and reminisce.





    The following procedures shall be utilized for nominations to the Athletic Hall of Fame:

    1.) Inductees may be nominated either:

    a.) by the Selection Committee;

    b.) by former or current faculty, administration, and staff;

    c.) by Crescent/New Deal High School Alumni; or

    d.) the general public.


    2.) Nomination Form

    a.) All nominations must be submitted on the official Crescent High School Athletic Hall of Fame nomination form.

    b.) The nomination form shall be available through the athletic department, the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee, and/or school websites and social media outlets.

    c.) The nomination form shall be completed and submitted to/received by the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee six weeks in advance of the induction ceremony to be considered. All nominations received for consideration must contain active and current address and phone number, and current contact information for the nominee (or family if deceased). Failure to supply support material will result in invalidating the application, consequently the nomination will not be considered.

    d.) In addition to the official nomination form, the following materials can be submitted to enhance an individual’s consideration:

    1.) A letter of recommendation from the person making the nomination, and other letters of support from appropriate individuals who can validate or substantiate pertinent information related to the nominee’s high school/college and/or professional career.

    2.) Also, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, copies of scorebooks and statistics may be included to help substantiate the accomplishments of the nominee.

    3.) A suitable photograph, preferably black and white, must be submitted for reproduction for the induction ceremony program book.

    4.) Following initial nomination, a candidate shall remain eligible for induction for the following four (4) years. After this time period has expired, the candidate must be nominated again in order to be considered.




    PROCEDURES for Selecting Inductees


    The Selection Committee


    The athletic director or his/her designee will chair the Selection Committee. The athletic director will choose the 6 members to serve on the Selection Committee. Committee members may serve as long as they are active and able to serve. When needed, new members shall be nominated by the Committee and voted on by the Committee with a 67% majority of active members necessary for selection.


    The duties and responsibilities of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee shall be as follows:

    1.) Attend the regular scheduled meetings – possibly 3 – 5

    2.) Evaluate the nominations of athletes/coaches/athletic              administrators submitted which fulfill the requirements for consideration,

    3.) Approve only those athletes/coaches/athletic administrators, who had significant and or long term contributions of athletic accomplishments at Crescent/New Deal High School and or at a higher level

    4.) Validate and approve all worthy candidates for induction into the Crescent/New Deal High School Athletic Hall of Fame under the parameters set forth in this document, and

    5.) Keep all action of the Selection Committee confidential.


    The voting procedures of the Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall be as follows:

    1.) The selection Committee shall review candidates based on information available at the time of the meeting.

    2.) The Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee shall meet as a group to select inductees.

    3.) After open discussion about candidates, the Selection Committee shall vote on candidates.

    4.) Each Selection Committee member shall rank candidates in order of preference. Ballots will be cast anonymously.

    5.) The candidates with the lowest point totals will be chosen for induction.

    6.) After the individuals have been contacted and indicated that they will be present or represented at the induction ceremony, inductees will be immediately announced through the media.