• Another Book About Design: Complicated Doesn't Make it Bad

    by Mark Gonyea Year Published: 2007

    What a great way to introduce the concept of design to students!

    This book is perfect in that students are not bogged down by art

    terms and definitions. The author puts a kid friendly twist on design

    and explains it with simple sentences and illustrations. This book is

    a must have for the art classroom.

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  • Look! Seeing the Light in Art

    by Gillian Wolfe Year Published: 2010

    This book, part of an art series, was perfect for our lesson on

    tints and shades. Focusing on how artists use light in their paintings,

    this book showcases some of the most famous artists of all time. This

    read was a great way to get students excited about what they were


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  • Me and Uncle Romie

    by Claire Hartfield Year Published: 2002

    Young readers will feel as if they're discovering the city's wonders, and making an unexpected friend, right along with James in this vibrant story, expressively illustrated to show the style of Harlem Renaissance artist Romare Bearden. I decided to introduce this book to students right before our district Jamboree to familarize them with the artwork of the Harlem Renaissance, which was highlighted at the festival. Students enjoyed the story which captured their attention and they also enjoyed seeing a famous artist transformed into a lovable storybook character.

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  • The Art of Miss Chew

    by Patricia Polacco Year Published: 2012
    This story is a perfect pick for students at this grade level. This
    was a heartwarming story of how the author of this book
    discovered she was an artist, and shows just how important a
    teacher can be in a child's life. This book celebrates the power of art
    and how it can be important to a child's life as well.  Students enjoyed 
    the ending and some even related it to their lives. Fantastic read for sure!
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  • The Day the Crayons Quit

    by Drew Daywalt Year Published: 2013

    This story is perfect for any age bracket. When inanimate objects are brought to life

    with thoughts and actions you can't help but to be entertained. Students loved hearing

    the many thoughts and opinions that Duncan's crayons had about his coloring. The unique

    format, where we were reading the actual letters the crayons wrote, added to the experience.

    Students were engaged and laughing throughout our storytime while also getting a quick

    refresher in colors!

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  • Twas the Night Before Christmas

    by Clement Clarke Moore Year Published: 2009

    Everyone's favorite Christmas Poem was our inspiration for our

    Christmas art projects. We read this story as a start to our Christmas

    themed projects and students really enjoyed the rythmic verse and

    detailed illustration that the book had. This poem gave us all the Christmas

    spirit we needed to make our own holiday ornaments and realistic cups of

    hot cocoa!!

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