• Me and Unlce Romie

    by Claire Hartfield Year Published: 2002

    Young readers will feel as if they're discovering the city's wonders, and making an unexpected friend, right along with James in this vibrant story, expressively illustrated to show the style of Harlem Renaissance artist Romare Bearden. I decided to introduce this book to students right before our district Jamboree to familarize them with the artwork of the Harlem Renaissance, which was highlighted at the festival. Students enjoyed the story which captured their attention and they also enjoyed seeing a famous artist transformed into a lovable storybook character.

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  • My Mouth is a Volcano!

    by Julia Cook Year Published: 2013
    This book was perfect for our story time as we have been having a 
    few problems with blurting. Students loved the illustration and the
    author provided lots of humor and rhythmic verse to keep the story
    enjoyable for younger children. This book is great for students, educators,
    and even parents when looking for a way to teach children how to manage
    their thoughts and words without interrupting.
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  • Sky Color

    by Peter H. Reynolds Year Published: 2012

    For introducing painting and color theory, there could not have

    been a better story. As one of my favorite authors, Reynolds

    focuses on explaining the creative process in a way that any

    child could understand. Students learn that there is always more

    than one way to solve a problem and what it really means to

    be an artist!

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  • Snowmen At Night

    by Caralyn Buehner Year Published: 2002

    This was a fantastic story that sparked every student's imagination. Who

    hasn't wondered what it would be like if snowmen came to life? Students

    were able to experience a story in which snowmen DO come to life at night.

    The clever storytelling paired with fun illustrations made it that much more

    interesting to make snowmen of our own for our art project.

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  • The Day the Crayons Quit

    by Drew Daywalt Year Published: 2013

    This story is perfect for any age bracket. When inanimate objects are brought to life

    with thoughts and actions you can't help but to be entertained. Students loved hearing

    the many thoughts and opinions that Duncan's crayons had about his coloring. The unique

    format, where we were reading the actual letters the crayons wrote, added to the experience.

    Students were engaged and laughing throughout our storytime while also getting a quick

    refresher in colors!

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  • Vincent Van Gogh; Sunflowers and Swirly Stars

    by Brad Bucks and Joan Holub Year Published: 2001

    Introducing an artist can be challenging, but this book provided

    lots of interesting facts about artist Vincent Van Gogh. Students

    were able to see pictures of his paintings and learn a little bit about

    how he became an artist. This was perfect for our project in which

    we recreated one of Van Gogh's paintings.

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