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  • The Million Dollar Shot

    by Dan Gutman Year Published: 2004

    Main character, Eddie, enters a foul shot contest to win a million dollars.  His family coulld certainly use the money.  However, someone will do just about anything to get Eddie to miss the mark.  Will Eddie be able to take the prize and end all his family's problems?

    We are currently reading this book with a select group of 4th grade young men.  During this time we are building are reading fluency, comprehension, and discussing the importance of friendship and choices.

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  • Someday

    by Eileen Spinelli Year Published: 2007

    Isabelle takes some time to dream of all the careers she could possibly choose from.  With each dream, she thinks about the skills she can put into practice right now as a kid to prepare her for her future.

    We are using this book in classroom guidance to discuss how we can begin to develop good work habits now so we will be successful in our furture.

    SC Guidance and Counseling Standards: Students will explore careers and the connection of school to work.

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  • Ron's Big Mission

    by Rose Blue and Corinne Naden Year Published: 2009

    Based on actual events, Ron McNair is on a mission.  Follow along as he takes initiative to make a big change that will affect everyone in his hometown and beyond.

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  • Panda-monium!

    by Cynthia Platt Year Published: 2009

    Beckett sets off on a journey to ease his rumbling tummy.  Other pandas see Beckett's initiative and join in the adventure.  Follow Little Beckett as he becomes a leader amongst his panda friends.

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  • America is Under Attack: The Day the Towers Fell

    by Don Brown Year Published: 2011
    A nonfiction story to teach young readers about September 11, 2001.
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  • The Giving Tree

    by Shel Silverstein Year Published: 1964
    SC Guidance and Counseling Standards and Competency Indicators: Students will understand and appreciate self.  Students will understand and appreciate others.
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  • The Anti-Test Anxiety Society

    by Julia Cook Year Published: 2014
    All students can identify with the stress and nervousness the main character feels in regards to testing.  This book teaches students how to change their mindset about testing in order to decrease anxiety.  In addition, it details 7 practical strategies to use to achieve test success.
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