• No written homework will be assigned in our classroom!

    Instead, I will assign various activities your child can do at home to reinforce skills learned in class. On Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, your child will be asked to reflect on different skills learned in math, reading, and spelling. A reading log will also be given for each "homework" day. It is imperative that your child read at least 20 minutes each night to ensure proper growth into the next grade level. 

    Each day your child will take home his/her Homework Folder that includes any home activities, daily behavior log, notes home, etc. This folder is to return to school EVERY day! Please make sure you sign/initial the Home Activities Sheet and the Behavior Calendar daily.

    On Friday, students will take home their Friday Folder. This folder will contain all work completed throughout the week as well as the weekly Communication Log. I ask that any papers with a grade of D or F be signed and returned as well as the Communication Log. Please return this folder to school on the following Monday.


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