Gifted and Talented

  • Anderson School District Three serves students eligible for gifted and talented academic services in grades 3-8 in a special class model of Science. Students in grades 9-11 are eligible to take Honors classes in English Language Arts and Mathematics.

    Criteria for student eligibility:

    Only the criteria established by the South Carolina Department of Education are considered for placement in the Anderson School District Three’s academically gifted program. The district evaluation and placement team will first review the referral and then will screen the student to assess his or her eligibility for the program. The State of South Carolina has established three dimensions of giftedness as criteria for placement in gifted programs; a student must meet the eligibility criteria in TWO out of the three dimensions listed below.

    Dimension A-Reasoning:
    Students must score at or above the 93rd national age percentile on a nationally normed aptitude test. Subtest or composite scores are accepted. Students may be eligible for placement on the basis of aptitude scores alone if they score at or above the 96th national percentile on the composite score of a nationally normed aptitude test.

    Dimension B-Achievement: Students must score at or above the 94th national percentile on approved subtests (reading comprehension or math problem solving) on a nationally normed achievement test. Fall MAP scores are the only scores allowable for this dimension. Students are not eligible on the basis of achievement scores alone. PASS score criteria will vary from year to year