Rules and Consequences

  • Students reading on carpet
    Our time in the library is important and it's also limited. With that in mind, behavior is of the utmost importance. Parents, please be familiar with the library rules and procedures and make sure your child understands the importance of upholding all of our Flat Rock library rules.

                                    Rules & Procedures:
                                           Follow all instructions
                                           Listen to the librarian
                                           Always use a shelf marker
                                           Talk quietly when appropriate
                                           Respect yourself and others
                                           Only use kind words and actions
                                           Choose books wisely
                                           Keep shelves neat and organized


                                                                   Verbal warning
                                                                   Removal from group
                                                                   Communication with classroom teacher

                                                                   Referral to office

                                                          Positive Consequences:

                                                                   Verbal praise
                                                                   Stickers, bookmarkers, or other rewards