tent Dear First Grade Parents,

    I am so excited to have your child in my class this year! I hope you and your child had a wonderful summer full of relaxation and fun! First Grade in my opinion is the best grade of all. It is a year full of learning and excitement. I have a wonderful year planned with exciting activities that I can assure you, your child will enjoy. I know that first grade can also be a stressful year especially at the beginning but I am always here to encourage and push each child to be the best student they can be. I want the transition from kindergarten to first grade to be as smooth as possible for you and your child. I am a huge fan of parent/teacher communication and I strongly believe each child benefits from this. I will keep you informed each week of what is going on in the classroom through your child’s L.I.O.N Binder. I encourage you to look at their binder each night. I also encourage you to read with your child each night and as they are learning, allow them to read to you as well. I cannot wait to see all that your child learns this year in first grade. By the end of the year I hope that each child is a “STARR” reader, writer, researcher, and mathematician. If I can ever be of any help to you or if you have any questions please feel free to contact me. You may call the school at 352-6154 and I will return your call as soon as possible. You can also reach me by email at looneym@acsd3.org.


    I cannot wait to begin this year with you and your child!


    “ The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN, the more places you’ll GO.” –Dr. Seuss




    Miss Meredith Looney