• "Knowing mathematics means being able to use it in purposeful ways.  To learn mathematics, students must be engaged in exploring, conjecturing, and thinking rather than only in rote learning of rules and procedures.  Mathematics learning is not a spectator sport!"
                                National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

    As the middle school math coach, I work with students and teachers in grades 6-8 on creative problem solving.  We practice solving math problems using a variety of strategies such as:

    • Drawing a picture
    • Making a model
    • Acting it out
    • Making a table
    • Making an organized list
    • Finding a pattern
    • Writing an equation
    • Guessing and checking
    • Using logical reasoning

    8th graders will work on test-taking strategies as we prepare to take the PSAT in the fall. 

    6th -8th graders will compete in monthly math competitions throughout the year with the Perennial Math Program and the Math Olympiad Program. 


    We hope to take a competitive group to Clemson in the spring of 2015 to compete in the Kangaroo Math Competition.