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    "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

    John F. Kennedy

    Dear Parents/Guardians:

    I am excited about having your child for seventh grade social studies this year. Even though, seventh grade social studies is somewhat challenging, I have found throughout the years that my students know more than they think they do. Often times, social, political, and economical issues from our past still affect present-day times. Class discussions usually reflect that my students are very knowledgeable about various subjects, and students can use higher-level thinking skills to offer solutions to some of the problems that we have faced throughout various historical periods. So, please encourage your child to ask questions and share their opinions and knowledge.

    We will be studying World History from 1600 to present-day time, and we begin our adventure with reviewing early exploration and colonization. There will be times this year that I will communicate with you by letter - seeking permission for your child to watch various videos from various wars, the Holocaust, and the Civil Rights period. Some of these videos will be graphic, and I will explain that to you in my letters.

    Thanks for all of your support at home, and please help me to encourage your child to study their notes that we work on in class for TEN Minutes at home each night. This will help them to be successful on their tests, and quizzes. Homework will be posted on this website, as well as any projects that we will be working on. throughout the year.

    I am looking foward to a wonderful and exciting year with your child. If you need to contact me please call the school or either e-mail at this address: bobos@anderson3.k12.s.us


    Sheryl Bobo

    7th Grade Social Studies

    August 16, 2016