Health Room

  • Jill McCullough, RN
    School Number: 864-348-6400
    Fax Number: 864-348-

         Believing that all students, faculty, and staff deserve a healthy and safe environment, and that HEALTHY CHILDREN LEARN BETTER, Anderson School District Three is committed to providing a Comprehensive School Health Program that enhances the educational process by modification or removal of health-related barriers to learning, and by promotion of an optimal level of wellness throughout the District.
    Each school in the district is staffed full-time by a licensed nurse. Some of their daily responsibilities include:
      • Monitor and treat students with chronic health problems
      • Assess and treat sick or injured students
      • Administer medications/treatments when necessary
      • Maintain student health records
      • Review and enforce state requirements for mandatory immunizations
      • Conduct screening for hearing and vision
      • Organize opportunities to promote wellness activities
      • Create and implement Individual Health Plans (IHP) for students with chronic medical conditions

Immunization and Medication Forms