Health Room

Rhonda McGuffin, LPN
School Number: 864-352-6146
Fax Number: 864-352-2095

Believing that all students, faculty, and staff deserve a healthy and safe environment, and that HEALTHY CHILDREN LEARN BETTER, Anderson School District Three is committed to providing a Comprehensive School Health Program that enhances the educational process by modification or removal of health-related barriers to learning, and by promotion of an optimal level of wellness throughout the District.
Each school in the district is staffed full-time by a licensed nurse. Some of their daily responsibilities include:

  • Monitor and treat students with chronic health problems
  • Assess and treat sick or injured students
  • Administer medications/treatments when necessary
  • Maintain student health records
  • Review and enforce state requirements for mandatory immunizations
  • Conduct screening for hearing and vision
  • Organize opportunities to promote wellness activities
  • Create and implement Individual Health Plans (IHP) for students with chronic medical conditions

Information from the Health Room

Allergies Allergies
Headlice Headlice
Illness and School Attendance Illness and School Attendance
Medications Medications

Helpful Links


This site provides information concerning Meningitis.


This site from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides information on the types of lice, treatment options and faqs for parents and schools.

Immunization and Medication Forms

Immunization Requirements

Permission for Medication

Permission to Self-Medicate

Permission to Self-Medicate Student

Permission to Self-Medicate: Parent Form