STEM in First Grade

Check out what is happening in the STEM Lab! These sweet first graders have been working so hard and developing so many critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Future Programmers

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 1/11/2018

First graders are learning how to program. They programmed Rosie, the robot dog, to pick up bones and go to her doghouse. They will use the knowledge to create animated stories using Scratch Jr.

Kids Programming

Kids Programming 2

Kid showing program

3d Cookie Cutters

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 12/8/2017

First graders held a Holiday Marketplace and sold ornaments, hot chocolate, cookies, and their very own 3d printed cookie cutters. They had a blast learning about the Engineering Design Process while creating and improving their cookie cutters.

Kids doing 3-D Cutters

Kids showing 3-D Art

Dinner Tables for Thanksgiving

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/21/2017

First graders are busy creating their dinner table for Thanksgiving. They had to create a table that would hold all of their food and their friends. Check out their creations.

Dinner Tables for Kids

Kids at table

3D Printing

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/15/2017

First graders are busy elves this holiday season. They are preparing for their Holiday Market by designing and creating 3d ornaments and cookie cutters. The students sent out a survey to the school to determine what type of ornaments and cookie cutters their consumers were interested in. They analyzed the data and got right to work. They began using the Morphi app to design their 3d ornament or cookie cutter. They are super excited about printing them very soon.


candy cane

Join us at the Holiday Market on December 8th. Stay tuned for the time!