STEM Labs in Fifth Grade

Check out what is happening in the STEM Lab! These fifth graders have been working so hard and developing so many critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Robot Research

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 1/11/2018

Fifth graders are busy researching different types of robots. They have learned that we use robots for all kind of different things. They can't wait to start building a robot that will remove hazardous waste from a diaster site.



Save the Tiger!

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 12/14/2017

Fifth graders built compound machines to save the tiger that was stuck in a ditch.

save the tiger

Simple Machines

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 12/11/2017

5th graders are learning about simple machines. They have created a machine with a wheel and axle, pulley, lever, and inclined plane. They recently created compound machines as well.

Check out their designs. simple machines

Macy's Day Parade Floats

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/21/2017

Fifth graders were selected to create a float for the Macy's Day Parade. They programmed Dash to pull the float they created through the parade. Check out their amazing floats.



Reconstruction and Robots

Posted by Lauren Sutherland on 11/15/2017

Fifth graders were asked to develop a reconstruction exhibit within an existing museum. They used recycled materials to create a real life model of their exhibit then developed a program to have Dash, the robot, act as a tour guide.