Travel Club Advisor: Aimee Gray

The Tiger Travel Club consists of a diverse group of students, parents, alumni, and educators that have at least one thing in common: a love of traveling and/or a strong desire TO travel. Our Travel Club went to London, Paris, and Rome for 9 days during the summer of 2014 and had a BLAST! Please check out the photo gallery to see some of the highlights.

We believe that traveling offers students an unparallelled opportunity to expand their world view by traveling abroad. Students who experience international cultures do better in school and in life and... it's just plain fun! The current itinerary for European trips includes stops in London, Paris, Rome, and Florence to experience the culture, taste the food, and visit sites such as the Roman Colosseum, Eifel Tower, the London Eye, and the Sistine Chapel. I feel like this is a chance of a lifetime, and by planning early, it can be affordable for everyone.

If you are interested in knowing more, please email me at graya@anderson3.k12.sc.us.

Happy Travels!