Anderson School District Three

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Anderson School District Three Bus Drivers Needed - Applicants should contact Cindy Watkins at for information.
Crescent High School-Full time custodian needed. Contact Devon Smith at or at 864-352-6175 for more information.
Starr-Iva Middle School has the following position available:
Special Education Teacher : Multi-Categorical Self-Contained Class (team teacher)

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s degree in education from an accredited college. Valid South Carolina teaching certificate that meets Highly Qualified requirements as defined by the ESEA legislation. Documented successful teaching experience with students with disabilities. Demonstrated proficiency in the use of technology.

REPORTS TO: Principal

JOB GOAL: To provide quality services for support services for moderate intellectual disabled students with varying disabilities.

PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES:  Instructs individuals who have been identified, assessed and diagnosed as having cognitive, academic, and adaptive disabilities. Developing effective IEPs that translate into measurable results for student. Driving student achievement for students with disabilities. Responding to progress monitoring results and student assessment data. Establishing a positive, structured, achievement-focused classroom. Implements behavior modification techniques and classroom management skills to produce desirable behaviors. Providing support to students, parents, and general education staff and supporting student learning. Mentoring and coaching students on self-regulation and organizational skills and post-secondary transition skills. Develops and provides a wide variety of activities and tasks in order to meet cognitive, academic, daily living skills, and post-secondary transition needs. Understands and utilizes appropriate evaluation instruments and progress monitor skills. Is responsive to the needs and concerns of parents and encourage their participation in their child’s program. Monitors and enhances learning using multiple strategies such as observation of student performance, appropriate questioning techniques, informal assessment, appropriate adjustment of instructional strategies, instructional feedback, and appropriate and sufficient reviews and summaries of content and skills. Maintains confidentiality of student records. Works cooperatively with faculty members and the district office. Fulfills professional responsibilities beyond the classroom. Participates in professional development programs.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 190 days. Teacher salary schedule as determined by the salary schedule established by the Board.

EVALUATION: Performance of this job will be evaluated yearly by the Principal and/or Director of Special Education.

Applicants should contact Gaia Phillips, Director of Special Services, or Barry Jacks, Principal, or at 352-6146.