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"The door is more than it appears. It separates who you are from who you can be. You do not have to walk through it... You can run." 
      -Franklin Richards (of the Fantastic Four)


 State Testing: SC READY

April 19-21 - ELA Field Test
May 8 - 3rd Grade ELA II Reading
May 9 – 3
rd Grade ELA I Writing
May 10 – 4
th Grade ELA ll Reading
May 11 – 5th Grade ELA II Reading
May 12 – 3rd Grade Math
May 15 – 4th Grade Math
May 16 – 5th Grade Math
May 17 – 4th Grade Science
May 18 – 5th Grade Science
May 19 – 4th Grade Social Studies
May 22 – 5
th Grade Social Studies
May 23 – 4th  Grade ELA I Writing
May 24 – 5th Grade ELA l Writing
May 25 – Make Up Testing


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Iva Elementary, a rural community school, is to provide all students a solid foundation to succeed to their highest potential by providing a challenging standards-driven instructional program led by an exceptional, caring staff in a safe and positive environment, enhanced by community/school interaction.